There is no dearth of unsolicited advice bubbling up for Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella. As Microsoft(s msft) forges its cloud path, some (ahem) have opined that it should acquire Red Hat, if only to forge tighter links between Red Hat(s rhat) Enterprise Linux and Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Now, Simon Wardley argues that Red Hat rival Canonical would be a better, more strategic pick for the cloud era. Canonical is the commercial entity behind Ubuntu Linux and an OpenStack distribution. Wardley, who is a researcher at CSC’s Leading Edge Forum, acknowledged Red Hat as a giant in Linux servers, but characterized it as “a minnow compared to Ubuntu in the public cloud computing space.”

It’s a valid debate and one that can continue at Gigaom Structure next month, when there will be an opportunity to ask Microsoft EVP Scott Guthrie about the company’s cloud plans and the tectonic shifts affecting the cloud…

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