We’re starting to see a lot of car gadgets and apps designed to make us better drivers. Automatic, Zubie, Dash, Mojio and Zendrive all have built mechanisms to monitor our braking and acceleration and warn us when we’re driving a bit too recklessly.

But a new Kickstarter project called Jeane goes beyond the audio alerts generated by plug-in gadget or smartphone and brings those warnings directly to the steering wheel in the form of haptic feedback. Jeane is basically a fancy steering-wheel cover that lets you know when you’re driving with a lead foot.

But the most interesting thing about the project is that Jeane isn’t designed to act in isolation. It’s intended to communicate with other Jeanes in the cars around it. Using a Bluetooth Low Energy connection, it can link cars together long before such vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology becomes standard in cars that roll off the assembly line…

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