There have generally been two options for car-sharing companies throughout the world: allow one-trips or don’t. Later this year, Zipcar plans to join the former camp, and on Friday announced it will launch one-way trips in select markets in the fall using the Honda Fit cars.

One-way driving options can be a pretty convenient perk, enabling drivers to pick up a car in the city and drop it off at, say, the airport, before a big trip. It just adds flexibility, particular in a city with good public transportation and other mobility options.

Zipcar one way

BMW’s car sharing service DriveNow has offered one-way trips since it launched using BMW’s all-electric ActiveEs. Daimler’s car2go network also offers one-way trips with its fleet of Smart fortwos and electric fortwos. Because most electric cars have shorter ranges than gas cars and need a designated charging station (rather than any old gas station you can…

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