In a rare public stand for the internet retailer, [company]Amazon[/company] has come out against the Federal Communications Commission’s purported plan to bifurcate the internet into faster and slow lanes as part of its new network neutrality rules. Amazon joins a list of more than 100 tech firms that include expected names like [company]Netflix[/company] and [company]BitTorrent[/company], but also surprises like the National Association of Realtors and [company]Lyft[/company], in signing a letter to the FCC Chairman and commissioners.

Other significant signatories include Facebook, Google, Kickstarter, Twilio, Codecademy, OpenDNS, Zynga, Tumblr, Reddit and Foursquare. The letter protests the FCC’s plans to implement net neutrality rules that could let ISP’s charge content providers like Netflix or Amazon to deliver their packets faster or at a higher quality.

This proposed change in rules, which comes after the original network neutrality rules implemented in 2010 were struck down by a U.S. Federal Court of Appeals earlier this year

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