In a perfect world, the internet would be a secure place to conduct personal and business affairs. Of course, as we know ever more painfully, it is not.

There are many reasons for that, from the mundane (there are bugs) to the existential (internet business models are built around surveillance and insecurity). Here are a few principles that I reckon would be inherent to the perfect internet and that could, with foresight and international cooperation, help brighten the future of our own imperfect version.

The fundamental idea here is that personal online security benefits everyone; well, almost everyone. It’s certainly not compatible with the NSA-style idea that personal insecurity protects the wider populace. Putting these measures in place wouldn’t be easy, and it would be unpopular in some quarters, but I think it would certainly be worth trying.

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Responsible disclosure

Everyone shares one internet, with tools and technologies just as…

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