Let’s face it: today the internet is wireless. Comcast may provide the coaxial cable into your home. Level 3(s lvlt) and AT&T(s t) may build the fiber optic backbone connecting cities. And Google(s goog) and Netflix(s nflx) may run the massive server banks where your content originates. But the last hop to your device is more often than not a wireless one, whether it’s the last mile, the last 20 feet, or the last inch.

Your phone isn’t just connecting to a distant carrier’s tower. It and your laptop hop on your home Wi-Fi router whenever you’re in range. Your wearable computers talk to your phone via Bluetooth. It’s a trend that’s only increasing. More devices — from TVs, to cars, to traffic lights — are coming with embedded radios, joining our phones, laptops and tablets in demanding more capacity over our increasingly crowded airwaves.

To build a better internet, we’re…

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