Acxiom(s acxm) is not some shiny Silicon Valley startup. In fact, it’s over 40 years old. The company, based in Little Rock, Arkansas, also happens to be a pioneer in collecting data — and converting that data into big bucks for customers like Hearst, Epson and United Airlines(s UAL) — so it’s really interesting that it’s snapping up the San Francisco-based  LiveRamp  for $310 million in cash.

LiveRamp, which spun out of Rapleaf in 2012, is known for funneling (aka “onboarding”) customer data locked in CRM systems into other applications where it can be put to use for sales and marketing.

North Bridge Venture Partners’ Paul Santinelli, a proud investor in LiveRamp, said the company’s technology complements what Acxiom does — in fact, the companies already partner, as well as compete, in some areas.

LiveRamp will give customers more data that is now typically locked in internal CRM systems, Santinelli said. “Say…

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