ADVA Optical Networking, based in southern Germany, has released a new 100G technology for metro network deployments – generally, connecting data centers within a metropolitan area – that includes built-in encryption on the network layer.

The advantage of this kind of “Layer 1” encryption is that it doesn’t slow down the data throughput much, but rivals such as Cisco(s csco) are not as yet supporting super-speedy 100Gbps data rates with such a product — ADVA, with the new version of its FSP 3000 optical transport “solution”, is. In short, this new multiplexer may hold appeal for enterprises and even telcos that want to be able to securely handle lots of data at high speed.

ADVA’s 100G Metro tech is protocol-agnostic, so it can handle Ethernet, fiber, Infiniband and so on. Its “line-side” encryption is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and uses 256-bit keys, with over 60 key exchanges…

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