Dropcam, the Wi-Fi connected video camera, ingests more video per minute than YouTube(s goog) according to CEO Greg Duffy, whose startup hosts all that content on Amazon’s(S amzn) cloud. That’s a lot of movies starring empty homes, but video in the cloud may be soon overtaken by genomic data if Francis DeSouza, the president of Illumina is to be believed. Both men will be speaking at our Structure conference June 18 and 19 about what cloud providers and equipment vendors need to do to prep the cloud for next generation workloads.

Greg Duffy, CEO of Dropcam Greg Duffy, CEO of Dropcam

Duffy, who still codes for his site and is responsible for architecting the Dropcam cloud service, isn’t just hosting video in AWS. He’s also running computer visualization algorithms to support an upcoming product that will recognize the people in customer videos. It will handle the analysis in real-time, requiring access to both compute, data…

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