Over the last seven years Rebtel has building a global communications network to offer its customers cheap international VoIP and IP messaging services. Now the Swedish over-the-top calling company plans to start offering that network to developers and even potential competitors that want to add voice, messaging and chat services to their smartphone apps.

In short, Rebtel wants to create a communications API company in the same vein as Twilio, Nexmo, Layer and Tyntec. On Wednesday, Rebtel and its investors Index Ventures and Balderton Capital announced the creation of a new independent company called Sinch, infusing it with $12 million in funding and transferring most of Rebtel’s physical communications infrastructure and many of its employees to the new entity.

Rebtel's tablet apps (source: Rebtel) Rebtel’s tablet apps (source: Rebtel)

As with Twilio’s model, Sinch will offer cloud APIs to developers that they can use to add voice, SMS and messaging features to…

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