A pattern is starting to emerge over at Jawbone. The wearables company has always billed its UP fitness monitor as a lifestyle tracker, but lately it’s starting to live up to its own hype, pulling in data from some unusual sources have that little to do with your daily exercise regime.

Last week it announced a partnership with quantified canine startup Whistle Labs to connect its UP app to Whistle’s eponymous dog activity tracker. And on Wednesday it announced a deal with quantified driving outfit Automatic Labs to perform the same integration with its after-market car module.

Jawbone and its partners are positioning these partnerships as being multiple facets of the same gem. Jawbone isn’t just aggregating data from different gadgets in the internet of things; it’s also explaining how the time you spend in your car and with your dog affects your own activity.

Jawbone Automatic integration

For instance, the UP app…

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